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About Panache

About Panache Pantry

Good people + Good food = Good times

This is the perfect combination to describe our foundation as people, and as a company. We have a fundamental belief that life’s best experiences always seem to include spending time with good people while enjoying incredible food. Nobody should be denied these simple pleasures.

The truth of the matter is, this really started generations ago based on a family recipe. Our Vintage Sicilian breadcrumbs are really just that, Vintage. Aged. Traditional. Classic. The Vintage Sicilian (Whole Wheat), Zucchini Rosemary, Pumpkin Cajun and Banana Nut Curry are a modern twist to a timeless concept.

Just like the old days, we were two at-home moms who wanted to be creative and budget conscious in the kitchen, without losing sight of our core belief in putting amazing food on the table. Developing the Panache Bread Crumb line was the perfect way for us to make that happen.

The only way to make our concept any better would be to develop an incredible wine to pair with our crumbs….wait a minute…..

Thanks and Happy Eating!

Melissa and Nicole